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Your Excellency, President Kim Young Sam,
Mr. Lee Chul-Seung, Chairman of the Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation, Ladies and Gentlemen,
  On behalf of all Medecins Sans Frontieres volunteers I am very glad to accept the Seoul Peace Prize and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation and members of the members of the Screening Committee.
  In the name of the thousands of relief works who have over the past twenty-five years devoted themselves to helping the most vulnerable people on this earth, I am eager to express to you just how much we are honoured and feel encouraged by your prize.
  By awarding this prize, the Seoul Peace Prize Committee underscores the importance of turning our attention and our activities towards the millions of human beings who are surviving sometimes on our very doorsteps but in terrible conditions: people who have nothing more to rely on than arbitrariness, violence and a denial of their basic and universal right to live respectfully and respected, in their cultural identity, human dignity and their legitimate expectations for a better life.
  To all of them, I dedicate this prize.