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In October 2006, Mr. Ban Ki-moon was elected to Secretary General of the United Nations and he was the first Korean to be elected to the post. In Jun 2011, the 192 member states of the UN unanimously reelected him in recognition of his efforts for the promotion of world peace.

Upon taking office, Secretary General Ban set a major agenda related to such global issues as raising international awareness of serious climate change issues; sustainable development; human rights improvement, including rights for women and children; and issues facing developing countries, including poverty reduction, health and education. Since then, he has worked to promote that agenda and has contributed substantially to the promotion of human welfare.

In particular, Secretary General Ban has greatly contributed to the growth and development of developing countries by securing 60 billion dollars of assistance funds so that the international community can implement the Millennium Development Goals for socioeconomic development and poverty reduction in developing nations.

When North Korea launched its Kwangmyongsong-3 missile, Secretary General Ban expressed deep concern and defined it as a provocative act toward the international community, committed in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. In addition, he requested the Security Council to take appropriate action in relation to the sinking of Cheonan naval ship, greatly contributing to the stabilization of the situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula.