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Dr. Juan Antonio Samaranch was born on July 17, 1920 in Barcelona, Spain. Before becoming President of the International Olympic Committee in 1988, he brought his vast experience to bear in various fields, starting as an economics professor and then moving on to become a distinguished sports administrator. Part of his career was in the diplomatic corps, where he served as Spanish ambassador to the U.S.S.R. and the People's Republic of Mongolia.

A firm believer in the Olympic Movement and its lofty ideals, Juan Antonio Samaranch started out his Olympic career as a member of the Spanish Olympic Committee and later became its President. As a member of the IOC from 1966, he acted as Chief of Protocol (1968-1975, 1979-1980), was a member of the Executive Board from 1970,Vice President of the IOC (1974-1978) and finally President from 1980. He is currently serving his second term.

Mr. Samaranch was awarded 1st Seoul Peace Prize in recognition of his significant contribution to world peace through sports.