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Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India contributed to the high economic growth in India through a series of economic policies known as 'Modinomics' and carried forward vigorous diplomatic policies that promoted international cooperation, thereby advancing world peace. He also improved the lives of the people of India by enhancing welfare and his effort to bring social integration and an end to corruption strengthened democracy in India.

Narendra Modi carried out bold regulation reforms and set forth the "Make in India" movement so that India would become the center of global investment. He allowed the poor direct access to the nation's financial service and welfare through his financial inclusion campaign(Jan Dhan Yojana) and direct benefit transfer scheme. Modi also launched a nation-wide campaign known as the Clean India Mission in an effort to improve public sanitation and the living conditions of the people of India.

Modi has expanded foreign relation ties all the way from surrounding countries to ASEAN, Korea, Japan and Australia, among other nations, through the Neighbourhood First Policy and Act East Policy, thereby contributing to the regional stability and world peace.

Recently, Prime Minister Modi has founded the International Solar Alliance in order to promote the use of solar energy as a means of reducing mankind's dependency on fossil fuel. He devotes himself to protecting and improving the environment of the Earth through the reduction of carbon dioxide, together with his best endeavors to establish peace and cooperation around the globe.