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Article 1(Purpose)

Article 2(Establishment)


Article 3(Purpose of the Prize)

Article 4(Eligibility for the Prize)

Chapter3 : AWARDING

Article 5(Presentation)

Article 6(Recipient)

  1. The winner of the Prize shall be either a person or an institution. However, two or more persons or institutions may be jointly awarded the Prize for the same achievement.
  2. A deceased person is not eligible for the Prize unless the death occurred subsequent to the announcement of his/her selection by the Committee; then, a posthumous awarding may be made. In this case, the Prize shall be given to the winner's heirs or heiresses according to the stipulations of the Civil Law of the Republic of Korea.

Article 7(Prize)

  1. The Prize consists of a diploma, a plaque, and a monetary award of US$200,000.
  2. In case of a joint awarding, the diplomas and plaques shall be given to all recipients with the monetary award being equally divided between/among them.

Article 8(Date and Place of Presentation)

Article 9(Financial Resource of the Prize)


Article 10(Nominators)

  1. renowned international institutions
  2. winners of international Prizes
  3. winners of the Prize
  4. members of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Arts of the Republic of Korea
  5. universities and press organizations in Korea
  6. incumbent and former members of the Committee
  7. designated by the Committee at home and abroad

Article 11(Nomination)

  1. Each nominator can nominate up to three individuals or institutions for the Prize regardless of nationality, race, religion or ideology.
  2. Self-nominator will not be considered.

Article 12(Invitation for Nomination)

Article 13(Nomination Forms)

Article 14(Deadline of Nomination)

Chapter5 : SELECTION

Article 15(Consideration)

Article 16(Selection by the Committee)

Article 17(Selection Criteria)

Article 18(Screening Procedure)


Article 19(Announcement of Recipient)

Article 20(Monetary Award)

Article 21(Participation in Ceremony)

Chapter7 : COMMITTEE (contents omitted)

Article 22(Election of Committee Members)

Article 23(Composition)

Article 24(Subcommittee)

Article 25(Function)

Article 26(Duty of the President)

Article 27(Executive Secretary)

Article 28(Term of Office)

Chapter8 : SESSION

Article 29(Session)

Article 30(Resolution)


Article 31(Participation of Experts)

Article 32(Stipend and Travel Expenses)

Article 33(Function of Secretariat)

Article 34(Official Seal)


Article 1(Date of Enforcement)

Article 2(Passage)