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Born in New York in 1920, Dr. George Pratt Shultz graduated from Princeton University in 1942. Dr. Shultz earned a Ph. D. degree in Industrial Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He taught at M.I.T. and was later named Dean of the Graduate School of Business of the Chicago University.

Dr. Shultz served as Secretary of Labor and then as the Secretary of the Treasury. From 1974 until his appointment as Secretary of State, Dr. Shultz experienced global business management as President of Bechtel Group, Inc. Dr. Shultz was sworn in on July 16, 1982 as the 60th U.S. Secretary of State and served until January 20, 1989.

During this period, he played a decisive role in ending the Cold War, thus furthering world harmony and peace all over the world. Dr. Shultz presently serves as Professor of International Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business and as a Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institution.