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MSF was formally established as international non-governmental organization in 1971 and this year it celebrates its 25th anniversary. With its headquarters located in Paris, France, MSF is free of political, regional and economic influence.
  MSF follows three founding principles of neutrality, impartiality and the volunteer spirit. It is now recognized as the world's largest relief activities for those suffering from war, natural disaster, disease and famine. It has an International Office in Brussels, Operational Centers in 6 countries including France, and Delegate Offices in 13 countries including Australia and Japan.
  MSF maintains well-organized large-scale independent relief systems. It can supply relief materials and carry out aid activities within 24 hours anywhere in the world, even in the most remote regions.
  Most MSF members consist of volunteer medical doctors and nurses whose number averages 2,900 annually. Its financial resources come from 2.7 million individual contributors across the globe.
  MSF has thus far provided aid and relief to 70 countries and currently its medical aid teams are stationed for relief efforts in 35 nations including Rwanda, Bosnia and Chechnya.
  Last year, MSF was the only non-governmental organization that dispatched aid personnel to flood-stricken North Korea in order to provide medicine and medical equipment, while trying to contain epidemics.
  The Seoul Peace Prize Screening Committee make the highest recognition of the accomplishments of MSF. MSF is a manifestation of humanitarianism in action. Our Screening Committee strongly believes that MSF's contributions to the harmony of mankind and world peace well deserve the Seoul Peace Prize.