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: October 6, 2016
: Hotel Shilla, Seoul, Korea

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Chairman Kwon E-hyock delivers opening remarks at the ceremony. Yoo Jang-Hee presents report on selection progress and brief descriptions of the laureate. Chairman Kwon E-hyock presents Dr. Denis Mukwege wiith a collection of Korean newspaper articles relating to his selection as the 2016 Seoul Peace Prize recipient.
Dr. Denis Mukwege gives his speech at the awards ceremony. Dr. Kwon Sook-Il, President of the National Academy of Sciences, gives congratulatory remarks Many distinguished guests are present at the award ceremony.
Congratulatory performance (KBS Traditional Music Orchestra) Congratulatory performance (Ms. Kim Na-ni / Korean Classicla Musician) Winner of the 13th Seoul Peace Prize Dr. Denis Mukwege gives a commemorative lecture.(October 7, 2016, Sungkyunkwan University)